Business card design (international)

Our business cards are designed with a consistent back and dynamic front for variable information such as longer addresses or longer names.

Business cards are sized at 85mm x 55mm or 3.346โ€ x 2.165โ€. Suggested paper stock is: 130# Silk Cover .

For extremely long names, please refer to our business card exception page ยป

Polish business card front

Swiss business card front

Name: Paragon Medical Black / Source Sans Pro Bold 9.5pt / 9pt leading

Title: Paragon Medical Black / Source Sans Pro Regular 7.5pt / 9pt leading

Contact details: Paragon Medical Black / Source Sans Pro regular/semibold 7 pt / 8.5pt leading

Polish business card back

Swiss business card back

Web address: Source Sans Pro Bold 9 pt/ 9pt leading

Margin: A margin of .187โ€ or 4.75mm should be left around the edge of the business cards. No content should cross this margin.