Business card design: exception (US)

It will always be the case that some people have longer names/email addresses than others. Sometimes this can make using the core business card template difficult.

You should always try to use the core template if possible. If you need to, you can move the left-hand edge of the address column further to the left to make more room. However, this edge should never get closer to the right-hand edge of the person's name/title than the width of the "M" in our logo.

If you still can't fit the person's name/email address into the design, you can use the exception shown on this page. This moves the contact details to the bottom of the card and to the left-hand margin. This should allow for almost any length of email address. You will, of course, need to ensure the logo is the correct one and change details such as the web address to match.

As before, business cards are sized at 89mm x 51mm or 3.5” x 2”. Suggested paper stock is: 130# Silk Cover .

US exception front

Name: Paragon Medical Black / Source Sans Pro Bold 9.5pt / 9pt leading

Title: Paragon Medical Black / Source Sans Pro Regular 7.5pt / 9pt leading

Contact details: Paragon Medical Black / Source Sans Pro regular/semibold 7 pt / 8.5pt leading

US exception back

Web address: Source Sans Pro Bold 9 pt/ 9pt leading

Margin: A margin of .187” or 4.75mm should be left around the edge of the business cards. No content should cross this margin.